Live Day Trading – $455 Trade Profits in 20 Minutes


Live Day Trading – $455 Trade Profits in 20 Minutes

I didn’t have much time to trade as I needed to get to the DMV to renew my driver’s license; however, the market gave a couple opportunities that my strategy and system was able to take advantage of. Nothing better than making money online from the comfort of you own home.

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  1. Clay, how come when you put a limit order to buy at a certain price it doesn't fill you at market, I thought limit orders were only for exiting a position?

  2. I like your style. My strategy is similar involving trading overextended stocks either long or short. Sometimes building into a position, sometimes scalping, but high accuracy (72%) thanks to the right indicators on the charts, the right technical set ups, and most importantly removing emotion! Much respect man!

  3. What aggregation period do you use for your charts?
    Also, thanks for producing these high-quality videos! Your style of trade is very fast and spontaneous. Very fun to watch.

  4. Nice trade. But why don't u have any technical indicators besides ur moving averages? I know you've got courses but could u really briefly say how u decide when to buy a stock? I'm looking at different courses to see which method seems best and I can't buy it till I understand the basics of how u make ur trade without other indicators

  5. Ty for the video. You mentioned volatility, but would you mind explaining what causes such high volatility? Who are the people buying/selling that is causing this volatility mainly? Or maybe why is there volatility if the first question is hard to answer. Thanks.

    PS: How often do those huge bars occur? Like once every few hours or very often? Do you trade and profit like this every week/day or are there weeks/months where there are no favourable market conditions?


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