Live Day Trading – Buying the Pullback with No Stress


Live Day Trading – Buying the Pullback with No Stress

When you have a plan in place and tools to execute the plan, buying a falling stock price changes from stressful to a sense of confidence. One stock gave me the opportunity to accumulate some shares on a pullback, so thats exactly what I did.

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  1. You don't seem to do this sort of taking partials followed by letting the final shares ride style anymore in your more recent trades. Is there any particular reason behind the change?

  2. Very risky trading, if u had waited for the confirmation of the reversal, u would have made more than $1000. You were catching a falling knife, went red >-$500!

  3. Clay: Your system of placing anticipatory limit buy orders for AMBA, which are initially plowing through your desired prices, averaging and being way down from the outset, as this would seem to go against the grain, as you are hoping for the stock's upmove. "All's well that ends well," is too Shakepearean for me or any student of trading. The truthful adage should render: "The ends do not justify the means."

  4. what do you pay in commissions that you're able to scale out 100 shrs at a time. It cost me 7.00 per trade whether 100 sh or 1000 sh? Nice to be able to take partialprofits.

  5. Great video.

    For your stops, are they triggered by it appearing on the bid/ask, or is it triggered when it trades at that price or below (for this videos example)? Also do you have control over setting it up for either of these options?

    Additionally, can you share what data plan you are using with LS trader? Are you using Nasdaq total view only? Or are you also using NYSE open book?

    Thanks Clay


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