Momentum Day Trading Strategies | Ross Cameron


-The daily chart levels on momentum stocks
-Technical characteristics of a momentum runner
-Level 2 tips & tricks

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  1. Hi Ross,

    I´d like to give you a suggestion. Please don´t take it the wrong way, I´m not trying to be rude or insult you in any way. My intention is to help you.

    I think your videos are too long and boring. I can´t watch any of them. You waste lots of time saying redundant or off topic things. Example: the video with one of your students about "day trading techniques". It´s just useless talk about lifestyle and personal choices. Boring, frustrating and totally useless. I didn´t learn any techniques as the title suggested.

    Just like you are trying to help people become better traders, I´d like to help you become a better communicator. Boring doesn´t sell! 😉

    Good luck and all the best!


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