My 2 Best Altcoin Trading Strategies


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  1. The most amazing thing about HWA Phoenix cloud trading is that you don't have to stay online all day waiting for trades to be placed, honestly, don't know the technology behind its trading history, what really matters! it works perfect and 80% save to trade without losing much of your investment. Kudos to Headwayanalysis

  2. Chris, I think you are the best speaker on cryptocurrency and trading in General! Please make a review on the arbitration between exchanges, how to make money on this and now everywhere write about bibitbot. Interested in your opinion about it

  3. I agree with what a couple of others have written – definately more risky than some people make out to make money with flipping websites and you may be likely to lose money.
    Be careful and seek advice from other people that have already succeeded. I looked round many websites and found a lot of expert advice by searching google on websites such as rapid flipper tactic. I wish you luck and hope you profit soon!

  4. Great video, I have a question please. I understand when making profit when trading equities ..example by thousand shares at $1.00 and then sell $1000 shares at $2.00 you make $1000 profit. But if you buy $1000 worth of an alt coin at $1.00 and sell it all at $2.00 you have to then sell it for bitcoin or Ethereum correct? What if those prices go up? You need to eventually trade for US dollar so I am having a hard time figuring out how to profit when trading alt coins and knowing what my actual profit will be in US dollar.Any guidance would be greatly appreciated so much

  5. Nice, it's always good to start with the biggest coins then back it up with alts with real products, like Ledu token. Look it up.. It's very cheap now

  6. Thanks man! Super helpful video. Can you do a video about new ICOS too? I'm specifically interested in SciDex.

  7. Stratis is crying for money.. look their site, dont get fooled.. they beg for money and claim to be the next microsoft


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