My Favorite Day Trading Strategy


In this video, I teach you a day trading strategy for trading stocks that have just reported earnings or other material information. The strategy takes advantage of the fact that it takes time for institutional investors to move into and out of their positions.

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  1. Great Insight! What if the price doesn't trade to the previous candle close/below? Is there still a chance to get into the trade? Does it have to be the very next candle to trade at the close price of the first 15 min candle or it can be any 15 min. candle during the day. Appreciate the video.

  2. Great video. I have one question, do stock with high market caps move slower than low float lower priced stock? so that it enables you to wait the 15 minutes?

  3. Simple and workable strategy as I have tried it combining with my own other criteria. I bought the book on Amazon, great bargain for the knowledge. Appreciate sharing, no hiding like some other traders hyping their high priced DVDs. Thanks!

  4. Your channel is the best-kept secret on YouTube. I especially liked your take on earnings reports, waiting 15 minutes, then beating the high volume trades to the punch. Great stuff!

  5. Great strategy!

    It seems you found this opportunity by reading the news and may have been following this particular stock already so you knew something about the company and how it trades.

    Does this work with most stocks with good news or earnings surprises or only certain types of stocks?

    Do you recommend researching several stocks in advance and following their news for this type of opportunity via news alerts? Are there any stocks you particularly like for this demand response?

    Are there any websites you recommend for identifying price-changing news and earnings surprises? I found this site and McDonald’s (MCD) with a 10.5263% earnings surprise and Wynn Resorts (WYNN) with a 27.8351% earnings surprise both seemed to follow this trading pattern today after positive earning surprises. Doing what you suggested would have resulted in a nice profit in both cases.

    On the other hand Valero Energy (VLO) did the opposite after an 11.4754% earnings surprise and this trade would have lost money. Any reason for this? Maybe because of the problems in the oil sector many shareholders wanted to unload their shares?

    What time of day are earning typically released so you can trade off them?

    How will overall market conditions on the trading day affect this strategy? Does it generally work even in the case of a down market day?


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