My Trading Strategies for 2018


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My Trading Plan for 2018. Going over the three strategies I will be using and practicing in the stock market this year.


  1. I am a newly who wants to start trading – I have 1k to start . where should I start trading and what and how much of a stock I should buy?

  2. Your amazon links in the description are broken. Excellent video. Have enjoyed your content around the stock market.

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  4. I went through WT course. Awesome course. I highly recommend it for developing intraday strategies, it’s Momentum, highly profitable just from 930-11a EST each morning, unless you want to focus on intraday shorting…then Average Joe Trader.

  5. Really enjoyed watching this, Garen. Your determination is evident and I truly believe it'll lead you to success. One of your first day trading vids led me to Warrior Trading. Ross's gap-and-go and high of day momo strategies are awesome once you get it down. He's very informative and encouraging in explaining. The strategies work for me because I like to be in and out of positions as quickly as possible. Wish you nothing but the best of luck man!

  6. Dude, lose all the indicators. They all lag price. Price action and identifying market structure (support resistence) is all you need. Good luck.

  7. Nice video Garen. I day trade $SPY options with a same day to three day expiration and have had incredible success over the past 4 weeks, making a 100% gain in one day last Wednesday. I love the $SPY!!!

  8. bro, just trade the damn market !!…and don't go the fucking financial jargon route yet, give it some time you'll get a hang of it…

  9. Thanks for the great points Garen… I really like your trading strategies. My favorite strategy is the Bull Flag Trading Strategy…


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