Price Action Trading Strategy – My 14 RULES | HINDI


Price Action Trading Strategy is gaining popularity. One of the key reasons why more and more traders and investors are adopting Price Action Trading Strategy is non-reliability of stock analysis. Be it fundamental analysis or technical analysis or sentiment analysis, due to increased volatility in the stock market these analysis are losing the confidence of the intraday traders and investors.

In this video, i discussed 14 rules that i follow for Price Action Trading Strategy. Though it is a very vast subject and it is not possible to explain or discuss Price Action Trading Strategy in a single video i tried my best to explain the key rules that i follows.

In my future videos, i will share more about Price Action Trading Strategy.

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  3. Sir, in one of your previous video, you had explained how to know most volatile stocks. In this video, rule no. 1 says about trending stocks. Can we say that volatile stocks are trending stocks and we can observe price movements of only those stocks?

  4. nice video on price action. can we make list of 5 stocks which are monthly in uptrend and downtrend and keep it on watch list and according to market trend we can easily go for sell or buy for particular stock

  5. U r truly conservative trader and genius mentor for novice as well as experienced trader….sir Aap ke vdos apne Aap me ek sampurn pathshala hai

  6. Sir, Please suggest at least 5 stocks which doesn't follow any technical analysis , I mean price action trading strategy can be applied as per present market senario.


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