RSI Strategy – Rs 8000/- in less than 22 Minutes – Intraday Trading Strategy


There are so many intraday trading strategies based on the technical analysis. One simple strategy, which is extremely simple and useful for a beginner is RSI strategy. RSI is relative strength index, which gives information about whether the stock is overbought or oversold. Based on the RSI value it is possible to make some profitable trades.
This video shows how I used RSI value for making a profit of 8000 rupees in less than 22 minutes.
But one should be careful (i.e., particularly beginners) while using RSI for day trading, because the stock can remain in overbought or oversold condition for a longer time frame which may cause losses to your trade.

For more information on RSI, please comment your queries, as I will try to prepare a video about RSI strategy in detail.


  1. There are 80% plus cases where rsi was 90 plus and highly overbought the stock still managed to close higher than overbought level and sometimes upper circuit locked ……. If any one still wants to use rsi use support and resistance for better results but personally i wont recommend you any indicators ….

  2. Lucky trade u dont have great strategy ….. Friends dont use rsi or any other indicators ……… Just use demand and supply strategies for better results with lower risk and consistent positive results

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  4. Brother m new in market I want to know everything about technical indicators please tell me from where I should get the all information about it. Thanks

  5. can you please tell what are the settings you make while trading with rsi? I mean how much points you keep for Overbought and Over sold?

  6. hello just evrything…few experts have said in youtube that when a stock is overbought then the overall stock price increase however u say it decrease…i m confused.

  7. Using RSI i have traded today in TINPLATE stok wen RSI is 94 i have sold 300 qty @210 but RSI decreased but the price was not reduced.. it was increased slowly and finally it was nw @ 241… please suggest me how to identify the stock for investing in intra day…

  8. Appreciate your video, but I think trading with RSI alone is not sufficient to analyse the market trend and I have shared strategies to help weekly traders Watch in NOW!


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