Simple day trading strategy: Opening range breakouts // Intraday stocks trading system, market tips


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  1. Simple and clear. Do you have videos that address the following. 1) How to find stocks that have strong price movements in the first half hour. 2) How do you calculate where to put the stop loss and 3) how to calculate the price indicating it is time to take profits ??

  2. hello i watched your video very impressively :)thank you for your nice videoi will subcribe you and watching for my success stock tarding ty

  3. I tend to do opening range breakouts. Not always easy to spot but, for example, if a stock gaps down and drops, I wait for the bounce to enter short. Don't want to chase. Might not be the first 30 min. Might be more. Can place stop loss just above that bounce.

  4. Hello David, Very clear and concise info on the day trading strategy. Have a few questions.1. In all these examples, if you trade "Stocks", the profit is around $0.70 per stock except ULTA). So, if you buy 100 stocks, you get around $70 from around $16,900 investment (UNH). If you buy/sell options, you get around $35 per contract of 100 shares. I know that the strategy is working to some extent but I don't think we can make some serious money. Correct?2. If we trade stock options like AMZN or GOOG, the price movement or ATR is high and we might get around  $250 or 500 per day. But, you end-up in paying the same amount in stop-loss as it swings between the opening range. Do you agree?So, with this strategy, do you recommend stock trading or options trading?

  5. Great video, nice and clear. Can you please explain me – how we make money when charts going down? I mean If we entering with last days low and the charts going below that we loosing money right ? so were is the good thing about it ?
    Thank you for answer

  6. Hi David great video thanks. You mention there are other factors to take into account with this strategy could you please give a brief outline.
    Many thanks

  7. Do you have a video explaining buy-to-cover strategies for short selling a stock? How to minimize your loss if the stock increases in price?


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