Stock Intraday ‘ INSIDE DAY ‘ Strategy 2018 ( hindi ) I Impulse Technical I Harshubh Shah


hello Everyone , Stock Intraday ‘ INSIDE DAY ‘ Strategy 2018 ( hindi ) is our most Requested video by many traders,

hope you all like it.


impulse technical


  1. sir 13.04.2018 ke liye inside day stock dcbbank,pcjewellers,godfryp h pr in zerodha trading platform me 15 mins candle ka low break kr rha pr apka mt4 software me ye inside day stock show kr rha .please reply sir

  2. Yesterday, I had given CIPLA to be observed for today's trade as per this strategy And see today's result Third candle broke low of first candle @ Rs. 560/- and went down to 555/- ( 5 pts OR 0.89% profit) For tomorrow's trade OFSS confirms to today's criteria and hope if it confirm 2nd/3rd candle criteria, will initiate a trade. HAPPY TRADING TO ALL JAI HO Harshubh bhai

  3. every stock lot is different , means if we earn 10 rs in 100 quantity = 1000 and if we lose 5 rs in 2750 quantity =13750 quantity differs a lot ! that is foul point . tricks are always short term . think long term , thank you

  4. Good morning Sir,
    Aap Ne 7.03.2017 Ke Ek Vedio Upload Kiya Tha Jo Ki "Weekly Investment Strategy for Working People" Mutual Funds Vs Stocks Market Pe Tha,
    Aap Ne US Vedio Me NIFTY 50 FUTURES Ko Weekly Analysis Ke Green Ke Bad Buy Ka Aur Red Ke Bad Exit Ko Badaya Tha LEKIN "Nifty 50 Futures expired every month end of thrusday means book loss or profit and position closed. Please explain this SIR".

  5. Friends, as per this strategy of Harshubh bhai–see whether other criteria meets for first 3 candles of CIPLA tomorrow for intraday trade.

  6. can we take those stock also which break 15 min candle with just one spike. like today ioc and bpcl. pls can you confirm.

  7. Sir mere pass laptop desktop nahi hai toh main mobile se mt4 kaise install karun? I use zerodha kite mobile app

  8. Sir Agar inside day k jagaha pe thoda piercing hoga to? in-stead of all candle inside first 15 min candle , few candle just pierce the first 15 min candle , can I apply this strategy? Please respond


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