The 7 Golden Rules of Day Traders


Our day trading courses have been tried and proven to mold absolute beginners into expert profitable traders that seal gains regardless if the stock market is UP or DOWN!

Our stock trading courses teach you our EXACT methods that we’ve used year over year to achieve a win-rate of 75+%.



  1. Thank you so much for posting this video. Your Enthusiasm and the amount of knowledge you give as earned you a subscriber and a bunch of likes thank you and keep posting.

  2. All you guys that come out here and sell crap to traders , you don't even use your own trading tools . That is how ironic it gets , I remember listening to y'all and almost went bankrupt but thanks to Mr Kyle Jason and his amazing trading strategy, today i'm doing well and sure about this awesome Mr Kyle , you can reach out to him for assistance. @ kylejason9001 @ gmial. com

  3. I dont know how to show or express how grateful i am sir but God will continue to bless and keep you for us, your strategy has turned my life around for good, i just made my first profit of $200k after few months, thank you Scott.

  4. Great short video with some very important fundamentals! I actually first watched this several months ago, but it's always good to go back and review the basics:)

  5. Great Video… I've been trading a long time, but more recently day trading. Wish I had these rules two days ago! I held onto a winner over night, thinking it was still in upward trend, at least it looked like it was in the fibonacci I drew. I'm down thousands!!!!

  6. I have created pattern finding software which can automate your scanning with predefined rules. Contact me to automate scanning part to concentrate on trading only…

  7. no forex trading? ofc this is a job, but this job requires more time chilling and reading the market than actual trading the market? as im sure doing trades while tired will make losses?


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