The Best Day Trading Pattern by Tom Willard


One of the TOP patterns I use for day trading profits! This pattern takes into account so many different technical aspects of candlestick charts and technical analysis that are quite simple, and anyone can learn. Please rate the video and comment on it!


  1. Dear tom , i dont know hiw can i thank you u used ur strategy from 2014 till present jan 2018 i turn my $400 trading account to more than $400000 just call options.

    Thanks again and still trading with my last call options ride for FDX 3 march 2018 calls.

  2. My favorite strategy to play. Tends to be a lot less stressful or hectic than an early morning gap and go. But to me it's easier to enter and exit.

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  4. what is the difference between this PATTERN, and The ABCD Pattern? is it the same pattern, cuz it looks like similar, or different?

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  6. I couldn't trade the provided chart . I know there is no random market . I think I know? No I know You seem to trade accepting the existence of a random market. Lack of random market means the chart action is generated by A software The trader only competion is the software. As soon as my order is executed the software reverses market direction counter to my goal The software is nprogramed to drop my executed order to at first tof 8% the trap that gurus recommend to bail out of the trade a 13 cent stock is suicide A 10 dollar stock is better the soft ware will drop that 10 dollar stock deep and long term to shake my order till another sucker appears a week later let's say

  7. I see what you're talking about, but I've also seen the market pause like it did & continue in the same direction. It's still a 50/50. You have no idea what it's going to do.

  8. Just to let you know, i found this video by typing into google (candlestick trade patterns) im in the UK this was the FIRST LINK to pop up so well done on that to


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