Trading Recap: Digging Out Day 2 +$1,498!


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Another green day today, up $14K! This puts me up $2,600 in the last two days. The market has been really choppy with little follow through and not a lot of big moves. I’m still trying to dig myself out of the $16K hole from Friday without taking any big risks. $CODX (Diagnostics Ltd) +$651.44, $CHKE (Cherokee Inc.) +$462.89, $NDRA (Endra) +$67.95, $AMRH (AMERI Holdings, Inc.) +$14.25, Total: $1,498.53.


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  1. Hi Ross, I am using your techniques 5-minutes bull flag on all my trades. I read this on your book. I had two trades today 5 minutes bull flag. Codx and chke

  2. i thought it was just me, but this video confirms how quick Ross is seeing the opportunity. when he shared how he saw his entry within the candlestick and showed it on a 15 second chart 😮 jus amazing. thanks for your insight Ross. great video as always.

  3. Just curious, but with your understanding of the market… Why don't you short? Just an honest question, I know how some people look at shorting.

  4. Exactly how I am right now literally down 300 in my 1000 account on das trader simulator when I was up over 1200 last month gave it all back an more getting aggressive an basically taking to much risk but it was a verry good learning lesson ON MANAGING MONEY I’ve learned you can be a hell of a trader an be green all the time but if you DONT MANAGE your money you will loose it all

  5. @warrior trading. What is your hot key setup to exit on the ask for profit? is it Ask-0.02? for your hot key?

  6. I bought your book and can you explain some positions you take which by your book would be viewed as somewhat chasing? How do you differentiate?

  7. You are a real inspiration Ross! What parameters are you watching when you assess risk and reward AFTER the bell and when the tickers are moving so quickly?

  8. Good Evening Ross,

    What are your thoughts on using spreadsheets to track stocks i.e. gap and crap for shorts, etc. I personally think spreadsheets provide confirmation bias and they don't account for a multitude of other factors – what do you think??

  9. Green is good, nice work today Ross. 4 trades with 3 winners, total profit of a whopping 4c. Tomorrow I hope to make back my commissions. June is starting out slow, do you think momentum will pick back up before everyone goes to the cottage for the summer?

  10. Was up around $6,000 total on AMRH and CODX in the sim, but the stupid thing wouldn't allow me to close positions out as usual so… I ended up having to sell on the market which is usually a disaster. Ended up down $2,200 with a $1,075 win on NDRA for a total loss of $1,125. I consider it a success since all three of my entries and exits would've been great otherwise.

    EDIT: On a side note, I'm up over $45,000 on my investopia portfolio in less than a month. lol

  11. What kind of order types are you using to plan exits and entry's? I just started trading out of the simulator with small size. It's not quite the same. I'm now using stop limit orders for entries and exits with a few cents of leeway from my stops. Is this the best route? Granted, if a stock moves too quickly I may not get filled? I used stop market orders yesterday, but think I got filled at the high on the buy and at the low on the sell so I lost on that trade. Thank you in advance! In the simulator, i used stop limit orders with my stop price the same as the limit and always got filled. This is not the case live.


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