Trading Recap: Red Day Contemplation -$448


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This week is starting slow. I took two trades with both being losers. Nothing looked good on the scanners, so I traded with caution. $VNET (21Vianet Group) -$36.02, $UAVS (AgEagle Aerial Systems) -412.44


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  1. Well, today is a green day so I expect you will announce big number today. Surprisingly you report red today while I report green by doing nothing (long position).

  2. Was a very bad day for me did one of the dummest things but it’s just a rookie mistake got in on boxl on the red to green (which I’m pretty sure it did this morning sold off a little at open then shot back up over the high an over the pre market high but ended up a false breakout : I caught fomo an pulled the trigger on 500 shares before doing a PROFIT LOSS RATIO WHICH IS WHERE I REALLY FCKED UP / getting into a trade without looking that there’s .70 – .90 cent of loss if it goes wrong but should never get in without a set stop I simply just didn’t follow the rules an I only should of grabbed 100 shares would have been down only 100 on a 2-1 risking 1 for 200 an I would be ok would just be a red day but instead I grabbed 500 because I hit buy off just strictly fomo once it started moving over that half dollar of 9.50 I hopped in with 500 shares hit like 9.68 an dropped so quick was instantly down 50 cents to the share an stoped out once it got under 8.65 or somthing like that which was the low of that pull back // I’ve been having all my success shorting out of curcuit breakers which I know can be verrrrryyyy risky an just shorting these stocks that are so over extended from the 9ma on the 5 AND 1 min chart an acouple other things wanted to know how you feel on shorting curcuit breakers an just shorting these stocks that’s are way over extended in the morning would LOVE for you to do a video on your strategies an opionions like I’d pay for just that video of your shorting strategies on these stocks gapping up that are just so over extended BUT ANYWAYS LOVE THE VIDS YOU HELP ME SO MUCH ILL CONTINUE TRADING ON MY DASTRADERPRO SIMULATOR TILL I CAN GET ATLAST 3 months of proffitable trading been trading for 4-5 months an I’m only 18 really love trading you give me HELL of motivation thanks for the vids keep them up

  3. Why when you are in a trade the trade is not shortable then while you're moving along in the trade they make it shortable all the sudden. Right when it is ready to crack resistance, oh yeah crafty they are, when the shortable sign came on everybody got on the slide at once

  4. Good to know today was my first red day in the market. I let emotion get to me instead of sticking to analysis. Glad to see even such experienced traders like yourself still have those days.

  5. Today was really weird. Spreads weren't great. Not really any great entries. I had two good scalps and was up $300 and then should have walked away. Got a bad entry and didn't cut losses. So red for the day.

  6. Nice article on Benzinga last Friday – could tell it was you even though it was plain typewriter text and no name – well done

  7. Maybe you can find an indicator that indicates “choppiness “in the market??? And not trade if the choppiness goes over certain level. By the way, I think you could employ a programmer to create an algorithm to trade like you do with set rules etc.But the trading would be a lot more efficient and you’d get your entry price is probably a lot quicker.

  8. Red day but good day, strongly agree Ross. Your ethos is spot on; call it a day rather than fight with a market that didn't wanna play. I think this is where many newbies get seriously burnt, they just keep feeding a fruit machine that just isn't gonna pay out that day. Learning a lot from you Ross, many thanks.

  9. hey Ross, do you go through the same routine on stocks that hit your scanner as you do stocks gapping up premarket (chart pattern, volume, recent history, news, etc)? Also, on those days where you have multiple stocks hitting the scanner, how do you go about deciding which one to play?

  10. Lost on ARTW :-/ tried to enter at $3.75, but it kept increasing and I kept adjusting my buy until it got executed at $5.25- hit $5.45 and the rest is dismal


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