Trading Strategies: The Trading Day


The start of the trading day can be the difference between ending it with a plus or a minus in your account. Trading expert David Jones takes you step by step though the things you should check before your first trade of the day with Trading 212.

Reviewing any open positions comes first, followed closely by catching up with the latest news that happened while you were away and directs you at new opportunities. David discusses at length how to use the economic event calendar as well as social media to make informed decisions.


  1. what to do if you place order and candles with long wicks are looking like they are going to stop out your order and at last they just move in your way but due to fear you have closed the trade. Should i wait for it to become positive then place order but it can make stop loss too far.

  2. what if daily on balance volume is converging with high prices but monthly obv is diverging.what should be the strategy


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