Trading The Market Open – Strategies For The First Hour At The London Investor Show


Kunal gives his presentation at the London Investor Show for trading the first hour of the market open. He goes into two main trading setups and also talks about achieving peak performance as a trader.

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  1. Yo Kunal, best video I have seen for beginners to trade open on momentum. I've have been through alot on youtube. Two Questions – Question 1: For the Quick Pullback Buy at the 9EMA, should you wait for 3, 5 minute candles to consolidate like the O.R.B. or just one green candle plus another one to break that previous green one near the 9EMA? Question 2: If it drips past the 9EMA down to the 20EMA, can you use the same strategy and make the 9EMA a sell point? Thanks !!!

  2. So, when he is saying, wait for the three candles to appear and then look for a brake of NHOD or NLOD, he looks at 1 minute candle or 5 minute candle???? thanks!

  3. As a trader, this is the best piece of advice I’ve heard anywhere on the internet. The guys touched everything that I do wrong. My life is changed.

  4. Love your passion and enthusiasm also your humor,i cant afford your class but i appreciate these free videos,im building that knowledge base,thank you man..


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