Why you will never be a successful day trader


Why you will never be a successful day trader

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Why you will never be a successful day trader


  1. Technical analysis is absolute horse shit day trading is horse shit you lose all you’re money in fees

  2. Trading is not at all complicated seriously guys, but it requires study, discipline. I agree with the author.

  3. I am willing to sacrifice to become successful but I am not a day trader I hold positions n I have 100% Kelly criterion
    N I have already left my social life but I am a student so I don't have the money to trade
    But I Wana say that I have done studies of asset and portfolio management and also have studied many economics book n ……
    I am know that the trading account should grow slowly.
    If interested contact me on +918660386502

  4. agree with marcelo. like any other job, you need experience and knowledge to success in trading. the first 5 years is like to learn how to get a degree in forex trading. so patience and passion is the key.

  5. I don't agree, i have done day trading, fno, positional. And let me tell you day trading should be last when you expertise , have money management rules , certain strategy with small amount tried and tested months , paper trading. Day trading requires at least 6 months of sheer training and practice to be successful. Day trading if your capital is $100000. Then you can make $1000, or lose _$100 for a bad trade. This is possible. making $1000, using margin or leverage with capital as low as $1000 is difficult, why you leverage 10 times if goes against -100*10=1000. Capital drained out.

  6. What's with the masonic hand signs ? You are scammers, if you knew how to trade you wouldn't be teaching this nonsense.

  7. Been trading since 86. He is probably correct at 3 percent win now especially with the new algorithm that came online around feb of this year but he is not correct on why traders lose. The reason for that is called bias. Traders like the “feel safe” trades or bias trades and they cannot fire the correct wrong feel trades. Traders don’t fail due to lack of commitment.

  8. Well said? Each word said is real. To prove it him wrong, venture on day trading. After all, experience is the best teacher!


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