🍕 3 Clinically Proven Foods That Increase Your Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat


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3 Clinically Proven Foods That Increase Your Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat

Today I’m going to be giving you my top 3 foods to increase your metabolism and burn belly fat.

You can add in a few key foods that will “turn on” your fat burning genes and help increase your metabolism, preserve and gain muscle, while losing belly fat.

The best part is you can start to see and feel results almost immediately. So let’s get started.

More Protein:
One of the problems of aging is the LOSS of valuable muscle mass. Remember, muscle cells are very active and burn calories all day long – unlike fat cells.

For every 10 lbs of muscle you again, you burn an extra 500+ calories all day long, doing NOTHING. Just sitting.

So as we age, we need to make sure we reduce the muscle loss and if anything, lift weights to help preserve and INCREASE your muscle.

And in order to do all of this, you need more protein, which can actually boost your metabolism by up to a whopping 30%1

One of the main reasons for this is that it takes more energy to digest and metabolise protein, than it does carbohydrates and fats.

You want to go for foods like wild salmon, grass fed beef, turkey and hormone free chicken and eggs. Even good sources of protein powders if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

A good rule with portion size is that it should be around the size of the palm of your hand, or about 20-30 grams per meal.
Eat Coconut Oil
Fat has many benefits because they help improve your hormones levels. However, one of the best “fat burning” fats is coconut oil.

This is because coconut oil is a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). While all other fats are LONG-chain and thus, convert to body fat faster.

MCT oils go directly into your liver and get used for energy and not stored as body fat. Think of it as a fat that burns like a carbohydrate to give you more energy and faster metabolism.

An additional benefit is that it helps boost your thyroid gland, which is essential to a faster metabolism.

And for men, Coconut oil helps increase your muscle building, fat burning hormone – testosterone!

You need about 1 or 2 tablespoons daily. You can eat it raw. If you don’t like the taste, you can also cook with it. It’s one of the few fats that are safe for cooking and heating.

Drink More Water
Most people are drinking their calories — sodas, coffee drinks, alcohol, etc. The extra calories turns into body fat obviously, but because of the sugar content – they increase your insulin levels and increase BELLY FAT.

Which is unhealthy and not very attractive.

So I tell people to drink more water instead, to replace the these types of drinks.

However, drinking water can actually boost your body’s ability to burn fat. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking water (about 2 cups/16oz) increases metabolic rate by 30 percent. The boost occurred within 10 minutes and reached a maximum 30-40 minutes after drinking.

Drinking ice water, burns more calories due to the “thermogenic”, effects. Your body has to turn up your body temperature to “cool” down the ice water.

Studies also suggest that drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal can fill you up so you naturally eat less. Plus, even mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism by as much as 5 percent.

By the way, drinking anything with caffeine causes

Or look at these:

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  1. I eat what I want to eat I just offset it by doing 45 minutes of cardio 3 times a week and going to the gym lifting weights 3 times a week

  2. Thanks for the helpful info doctor. I watched a youtube video recently, which stated that consuming caffeine before workout greatly increases your energy, thus quality and duration of your workout, which will help you to build more muscle. To what extends do you agree or disagree with this idea?

  3. you cant eat like in your twenties lol I train 6 times a week i'm 6'2 and weigh 270 pounds like 33% body fat. i'm only 21 shitty genes

  4. Hi Dr Sam
    Your channel is one of my favourites on youtube" very helpful" and "informative"
    I have a request:-
    Can you please make a video about – how to maintain healthy kidneys and healthy testicles.

    i had a kidney stone and it all started when i started feeling pain in my left testicle

    It was very scary experience so just want to know what will be some preventions , what foods to eat , what not to
    your help will be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  5. Btw, how bad is one cup of coffee a day? Is it something that makes a big difference in affecting cortisol levels for a man in his late 40s?


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