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If you need to lose weight, lose belly fat fast, whatever you need to do – I believe this exercise tip is hands down the most effective thing you can do. There are no gimmicks here – you will have to sweat, breath heavy and work hard if you choose to apply it, but the results can be rapid, like you can be seeing them almost immediately and drop pounds within just 7 days or less.

That’s the power of intense exercise – it releases hormones that burn fat.

Give this fat burning exercise secret a shot today. It can begin working in just 7 days or less for you.


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  6. This is a joke right my god I can't jog without sweating so unless your trying to promote insanity just please research this shit yourself

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  11. i have mild cerebral palsy and i use more energy then normal people. i do squats every hr for 5 + mins. is that good enough to loss fat? im 5'7 and 195 lbs. my long term goal is to have abs but i need to loss this fat first if im not mistaking… 2 days ago i weigh myself again and somehow i gained 1 pound in a wk, im guessing thats the muscle?

  12. I'll try this out for the rest of the week and the remaining amount of time to equal 7 days, so i'll do this until next Thursday to see how things go, if they work, man thanks a bunch.

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