4 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Body’s #1 Fat Burning Hormone – LEPTIN


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Inside this short fat loss video I’m going to talk about your body’s number one master fat burning hormone– Leptin. And if you’re not familiar with Leptin, Leptin is basically a hormone that regulates how many calories your body burns and how much calories your body stores. And what’s happening in today’s day and age with our lifestyle is there is a Leptin resistance epidemic, similar to insulin resistance. And there’s about four or five things I’m going to share with you inside this video that you can use to optimize your Leptin sensitivity.

The first thing is is if you’re following a low carb diet to lose belly fat five or six days of the week, you must have a cheat day or a cheat meal. Because what ends up happening is after six days of low carb dieting, Leptin levels can plummet by as much as 50%. This slows down your metabolism, it stops your body from burning belly fat, and it negatively impacts other hormones, like your thyroid and your testosterone to estrogen ratio. So having a cheat meal or a cheat day once per week as a reward for being good the other six days of the week will reset Leptin levels and help you with your Leptin sensitivity.

The second thing is to reduce inflammation. So the main thing that causes inflammation is inflammatory vegetable oils and processed sugar. So by avoiding high fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to decrease Leptin sensitivity, processed fructose– this is totally different from the fructose found in fruit, which has vitamins and minerals and fiber in it. Avoid processed fructose, it’s one of the main sweeteners. And avoid all sugars and processed foods. And this will help you improve your Leptin sensitivity.

The third thing is to control insulin. And the best way to control insulin is to balance your meals. So never eat sugars or certain ripe fruits or starches by themselves. If you want to eat them, that’s OK if they’re from nature and they’re a healthy food. Just make sure you’re combining those insulin spiking foods with protein and vegetables, and/or a small amount of friendly fat. This will help you stabilize insulin levels. And when you are in control of your blood sugar and your insulin, your Leptin sensitivity will improve.

Now, the fourth thing is there was a study done where they put a group of people on an aerodynamic bike. OK? I think this will work with any machine. And they did specific movement patterns for certain durations and certain intensities. And the group that did a high intensity strategic 30 second exercise boost actually had higher Leptin sensitivity and Leptin signaling post-workout than their group who used low intensity work.

Now, somewhere around this video you’re going to see a link to click or tap. And I’m going to give you access to my free report called the Over 40 Stubborn Fat Sequence that takes this 30 second trick and implements it into a 12 minute workout to help you reset Leptin signaling. This is specifically designed for people over 35 years old, where Leptin resistance is more common. Remember, after 35 your fat loss hormones decline rapidly. This 12 minute trick is going to teach you how to reactivate those fat burning hormones while resetting Leptin signaling and optimizing your Leptin sensitivity.


  1. I recently got my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer. Can I use this method as well? I'm so confused on what lifestyle I should be eating ever since my new condition. Do you think this is something you can help me accomplish?.


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