6 Ways to Lower Cortisol (the Belly Fat Hormone)


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Dr. Berg talks about the 6 ways to naturally lower cortisol. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that is made by the outer part of the adrenal glands called the adrenal cortex. We need cortisol but we do not need too much or too little. It is involved in your immune system, anti-inflammation and regulating blood sugars and proteins. If it is too high, it can be very destructive on your body proteins causing atrophy.

1. Lower body stress
-I recommend using the massage device to extract stress.

2. Increase sleep
-Reduce body stress
-Improve bladder issues
-Improving hot flashes
-Improving sleep apnea

3. Aerobic exercise
-walking (1 hour per day)

4. Increase vitamin B1, B5 and vitamin D
-Nutritional yeast is the best source of natural B-vitamins
-Take vitamin D or get sun

5. Adaptogens (herbs that help the body adapt to stress)
-Holy basil
-Rhodiola Rosea
-Rehmannia Root
(all these herbs are found in the Adrenal & Cortisol Relief)

6. Increasing the Parasympathetic nervous system
-potassium and magnesium are the 2 minerals to support this part of the nervous system.

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  1. Dear dr berg thank you. For all you utubes I learn a lot about what's going on in my body and what to do …ok to take naps eat better too
    It's consistently that I have to work on to become better x o

  2. It seems so inconsistent…when i do an intense cardio work out for about 25 minutes i feel better than ever so relaxed and in peace with my self…

  3. Hi can u help i had a mri to check my pitutary gkand all was giid but i still have high cortisole and low testosteron i have to do another blood test to check something else but im worried as tonwhat could be going on because he said i might have a tumor somwhere causing this

  4. hey doctor everytime I get nervious I get air trap in my stomach. my testicles hurt like if I had air and I get stomach cramps too. after I leave the site it goes away. is that has something to do with the cortisone​ and addrena glands ?

  5. even if your cortisol is low you need cortisol lowering things. don't do things that will raise your blood pressure because it's too much stress. deal with the stress and leave your adrenals alone

  6. Thank you Dr. Berg. I always enjoy your videos and just did your evaluation which indicates I've got a bit of work to do. Thanks again.

  7. I love your device… I think that would be perfect for releasing stress energy.. however.. I have a swollen lymph node.. or so that's what I think it is.. at the top of my neck.. left side.. when my head meets my spine.. I have one of those roll things for my neck.. It hurts too bad to use it..

  8. Dr. Berg, I've seen several lists of ways to reduce cortisol and most include getting more sleep. A few years ago, I experienced a severe cortisol induced level of anxiety. At that time, I read a paper on cortisol release at night in which it detailed how cortisol is released 4 hours after sleep begins, an hour and a half later, and another hour an a half later after that. This results in an accumulated high cortisol level about 8:00 in the morning. I have lived through this and I can assure you that each time cortisol is released, it wakes me up, usually with a very bad dream. For two years I would be awakened by the first cortisol release about 3:00 am and could not get back to sleep. Thus, getting more sleep was impossible. My eventual discovery was that other key hormones must be at a high enough level to neutralize the cortisol effect. I wish I could have seen your ideas on this back then, but I thought you should be aware of the sleep issue.

  9. You forgot one other powerful cortisol lowering mechanism: Laughter or even smiling.
    Laughter sends a message to the subconscious that things are alright. The complete opposite of the flight or fight response.
    Would you laugh if you were being chased by a lion?
    The subconscious cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. So laughter, or even smiling, can fool your mind into releasing healing hormones. Look at funny films or just smile more often. Hatred, especially towards others, is one of the most destructive sentiments.
    As the saying goes: laughter is the best medicine.


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