Aerobic Fat burning zone myth and true fat burning exercise

562 Science of weight loss exercise and fat burning. It is not what you think and easy than what you are told. Weight loss is a science of what’s happening at the cell and with your hormones during exercise. Dr.Dan Pompa reveals the truth of how to promote fat loss, muscle gain and weight loss. It’s not the treadmill or aerobics exercise the science is clear. Learn why sprinters are lean and muscular. Learn why the right 10 minutes of exercise will remove the fat, gain the muscle and lose the weight more effectively than any aerobic training exercise.


  1. Best explanation on the internet for fat burning and interval training. Have spent over 2 hours on google and other YouTube crap to just bet this simple explanation about heart rate percent and interval times.

  2. I agree with a lot of the info but many marathon runners don't have belly fat, they are lean all over and have taught abs. Look at Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe, they are not skinny fat by any means.

  3. What if you want to do more?

    I've been cycling for years; long and slow. I'm adopting this method to get thinner, but I still want to be able to take longer rides.

  4. This is one of the best videos on fitness and weight loss. Busting common myths and all fake people who promise wight loss to susceptible innocent people…Thanks Doc

  5. In the morning is the best time to eat fruits, especially before going to work out. If you're trying to lose weight, eat fruits in extreme moderation. But before a work out, it provides the quick burst of energy that you'll need. You can also eat fruits in the hour after working out. But after that, the sugar turns to fat if it's not being burned off.

  6. What about the diet? You talk about sugar all the time, so how important is it to eat right before and right after your workout? I like to eat fruit, apples and bananas, all day long. I love fruits. Do you have any tips on diet? When to eat, what foods to avoid, etc.

    I hope you, or somebody else could give some answers.

  7. can I use this in combination with my 5k running. i've been racing for 4 years. If i ran sprints on monday, could I run 4 miles on tuesday. would this stop me from burning fat after i ran the long run

  8. Can I burst train and still do my long runs? I'm a 40-year-old man who has run for years. I've started doing HIIT sprints every other day and I haven't done my long runs. Is there a way to do both and still get the fat burn you talk about?

  9. @PompaHealthSolutions Great video, I've certainly observed these principles in action before and its nice to see everything summarized. One question though – if one cuts fat from weight training, will they gain it back if they do serious long distance running?

  10. so u are saying that no matter how long my workouts are which are normally the aerobic classes like combat and step wouldnt burn fat …….no wonder i look the same after doing classes for almost 5 yrs ………


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