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Beginner Weight Loss 101: Cardio or Weight Training For Fat Loss? Here are 4 reasons why beginners should focus on weight training instead of cardio to lose fat.

I’m always asked: “What is better for weight loss: Weight Training or Cardio?” Most people would say cardio. However, over the long-term, excessive conventional cardio can actually make you gain fat.

What we really need to look at is how cardio vs. weight training affects how the body burns calories for the 24 hours THROUGHOUT the day.

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When you this into account, weight training far exceeds the TOTAL amount of calories burned at the end of the day compared to conventional cardio.

Weight training drastically increases your BMR and your non-exercise energy expenditure, when compared to steady state cardio. This means your total amount of calories burned at the end of the day are higher, when you lift weights.

4 Primary Fat Loss Benefits of Weight Training:

#1. Weight Training Builds Lean Muscle Which Increases Your Basal Metabolic Rate

I’m sure you know that lifting weights can help build lean muscle. However, many people do not correlate lean muscle to a faster metabolism, and burning more calories throughout the day, even while you sleep.

In other words, lean muscle helps dramatically increase your basal metabolic rate. Also, weight training helps maintain lean muscle when they are in a calorie deficit.

This is in contrast to performing too much cardio, which can cause you to lose you muscle tissue, thus slowing down your metabolism, and being at risk for gaining body fat of the long-term.

#2. Weight Training Optimizes the Production of Fat Burning Hormones in the Body

Weight training has been shown to increase the baseline levels of the important fat burning hormones in the body, including growth hormone.

These hormones help burn more body fat, and once again, improve your basal metabolic rate. Also weight training also improves insulin resistance, which is a huge benefit.

Weight training can help improve insulin resistance by increasing the sensitivity of your cells to insulin, thus allowing your body to burn sugar for energy, rather than storing it as fat.

#3. Weight Training Increases EPOC, i.e. The Afterburn Effect

EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxidative consumption, which simply means the body needs more oxygen to recover after a weight training workout versus conventional cardio.

This recovery then requires the body to burn more calories, sometimes up to 24% more, for approximately 24 hours after the weight training workout.

#4. Improves the Rate of Fat Burning

When the body’s energy stores are recovering after a weight training workout, more stored body fat, versus sugar, is being burned for short-term energy.

Bottom Line:

If you have 100 pounds to lose, conventional cardio, or any type of movement, can help in the beginning of your fitness journey.

But if you only have 10-30 pounds of body fat to lose, weight training is the best style of fat loss workout.

Compared to conventional cardio, weight training is optimal for improving your metabolism, burning stored body fat, and building lean muscle.

So for long-term health and overall fat loss, focus the majority of your workouts on weight training.


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  1. It should never be a question of cardio or weight training…. Both have their respective roles to fulfill in ones body transformation and maintenance process. Both should be incorporated concurrently with one another. Balance and consistency are the keys to sustained success.

  2. I have a 100 pounds to lose and I'm an of the Endomorph body type. Lifting weights makes me bulk up real fast since i naturally carry a lot of muscle on my body. And my weight loss seems to stall. Should i maybe concentrate more on cardio and wait some time before adding weight lifting?

  3. Is this for completely beginner beginners? I feel like I’m a beginner in some ways, (for example upper body) but I don’t know if this would be too simple overall if that makes sense

  4. I've literally went through most of your videos on keto and science of weight loss. That I started training November and I lost so much weight so quickly that people that haven't seen me for a month have asked me on how I lost weight so quickly. Thanks for all the help!

  5. wonder if there is a way to pay a large sum to get everything you have to offer. like I said your the best and I want to be at my best for 2018 and beyond.


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