Eat Carbs To Maximize Your Fat Burning Hormones (And Avoid “Fat Spillover”) [Part 3]


How To Eat Carbs [] – CLICK this link to discover the 3 simple tricks you can start using today to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat

Eating carbs is extremely important if you want an efficient metabolism and an optimum level of fat burning hormones.

The big, fat problem with carbohydrates is that most people don’t know how to consume them properly and they train their bodies to burn carbs as fuel instead of fat.

Luckily, it’s possible to reverse this trend if you know how to eat carbs the RIGHT way.

In this video, Shaun reveals how you can strategically eat ALL your favorite carbohydrates to keep your metabolism humming and your fat-burning hormones “happy”……all while training your body to burn fat for energy INSTEAD of carbs.


  1. I dont care what he says. I have hyperthyroidism I burn them carbs off. ifi go low carb I waste away due to my extreme metabolism

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  3. Great advice Shaun keep up the good work. Just wondering if empty black coffee no sugar no cream no milk spikes insulin. Heard it from a friend and there have been some studies.
    Thanks again.

  4. Can you do a video on the ketogenic diet? You said we may potentially be burning muscle but the ketogenic diet claims to not burn muscle as long as you have fat available. What do you think?

  5. great question…first of all its virtually impossible to eat 100% carbs cause protein …amino acids are in EVERYTHING!! carbs–glycogen builds muscle as well as protein..and FAT!! the big myth is that you need protein to build muscle..keep your protein low carbs high and watch your gains and energy skyrocket! hope this helps contact me for free info..fuck I made all these mistakes deadlifts and benches are now increasing like crazy once I stopped protein powders animal protein intake!

  6. ok cool, so another question… if u eat 100% carbs..would u still be able to build muscle? i mean..isnt that what protein is for…. you only need protein to BUILD muscle..not maintain it?

  7. exactly…you can eat 100 percent carbs it does not matter! I eat tons of carbs s long as I am working out and I know my maintenance I am burning fat:) Never ever low carb diet

  8. another question….lets say i go from low carb…to regular amount of carbs…..aslong as ur working out…doesnt the simple…burn more than u consume…still trump everything?

    like..aslong as im not going over like 2000 calories(or whatever amount u aim for) and continue to burn a ton of calories..u wont gain weight?


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