Fat Burning Hormone – Glucagon


The Fat Burning Hormone Glucagon

It’s important to have a basic understanding of the fat burning hormones, if you’re having trouble losing weight or want to drop your body fat levels.

Glucagon is one of the fat and sugar releasing hormones. It works the opposite of insulin. Look at it like this, insulin is the storage hormone and glucagon is the releasing hormone. If you want to burn fat (lipolysis) you want your insulin to be low and glucagon to be high.

How to increase fat burning hormone?
– long walks on an empty stomach when insulin levels are low
– fasting
– low carb diet (low sugar)
– eating an optimal amount of protein
– short High Intensity Training (HIT)

These hormones produce complex reactions in the body and there are many text books written about them. To keep things simple; however, just look at insulin vs glucagon. There is a constant balancing act between the two hormones. Just keep your insulin levels low by limiting your sugary carbohydrates, not eating too many meals in one day and staying active. Short High Intensity Training (HIT) is also good for increasing glucagon.

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