Fat Loss for Females and Hormone Regulation


Fat Loss for Females and Hormone Regulation! The effects of the hormones during the menstrual cycle on fat loss, workouts, and how PMS effects fat loss and weight fluctuations.
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  1. I noticed if my hormones are high i crave sweets like crazy just how my mind works. Any tips for this? I try to avoid them and it gets me frustrated that i cant eat certain foods to get the body i want. I also noticed when i eat at a lower carb/ calorie diet my monthly cycle is abnormal.

  2. You are such a rolemodel Miss Dunn.
    I smiled big time @ 0:29 shortly after you sad "both male and female" and your cute kitty cat stumbles in and "But what about me?".
    Hugs to both you Miss Dunn and your Lovely cat.
    Have a great – upcoming –  weekend now.

  3. I know you aren't a physician but just wondering what you may know about this and hormone regulation in those diagnosed with PCOS? Which to me is basically code for jacked up hormones. I'm wondering if the info in your video still applies to me with my super lengthy, totally not average cycles and how to apply this knowledge when I'm dealing with a say, 45 day cycle as opposed to a 28 day cycle?

  4. As a man, I can't believe I watched this whole video. You look so cute in it, though. I just saw the video about Maple. So sad!! I've found that you can't trust a person who doesn't like cats. There must be something wrong with them.


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