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Now, we’re going to introduce you to triple drop sets.

Basically what we’re going to do, we’re going to pick one exercise for chest.

And we’re going to do three sets of that same exercise back to back to back with zero rest. And we’re going to drop the weight because for every set that we do, the intensity is going to elevate and your muscle is going to fatigue more and more. That’s hence this term, triple drop set. We’re dropping the weight.

So you’ll simply perform a set of chest for 12 reps. You’ll have zero rest. That’ll be about an intensity 3, when you look on your intensity scale on your log sheet or in your manual. So no rest.

You’ll drop the weight. Immediately do 10 reps. Rest zero. That’ll be intensity 4.

Immediately drop the weight to a lower rate for 8 reps. Rest 90 seconds. And that last set should be intensity 5. So your muscles should be screaming and burning and stimulating all kinds of lactate or lactic acid at this point in time.

So when you perform all three of these sets back to back to back, you then rest 90 seconds. And if you’re advanced, you go ahead and repeat that cycle one more time. Now, if you’re a beginner, you can only go one round of this, rest 90 seconds, and then you’d move to a triple drop set for your next body part. For this particular workout you move from chest to back.

A lot of people get confused on triple drop sets. They don’t understand how you can drop the number of reps and increase the intensity level. Well all you have to do is run through a round like this, and you’ll figure it out real fast.

Trust me, you’ll be on fire.


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