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I don’t know about you but I love getting quick results where you make an effort for a very short amount of time and reap the rewards long after it’s done. And that’s exactly what you’ll get using the approach I’m about to cover. This way of training will dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete a workout, while providing exponential results in terms of weight loss and fat burning – and it’s all backed by studies. So I’ll show you exactly what to do in order to burn belly fat insanely fast.

Belly fat is something most people want to get rid of, and there are ways to really burn fat of from the belly at a ridiculous rate. So the major hormones responsible for burning fat is human growth hormone, glucagon and testosterone, with the main one being hgh. And there are a few ways you can trigger it to burn fat at a pretty high rate, and also ways to trigger it to burn fat insanely fast. What is optimal for burning fat is high intensity interval training, more known as HIIT.

HIIT is the best type of workout to burn that belly fat off. So to illustrate the idea of why HIIT is so effective, let’s compare a sprinter who uses a HIIT workout vs a marathon runner who relies on steady state cardio. I’d say the large majority of people want a similar body type as a professional sprinter. Absolutely ripped with a very low body fat percentage.

So what you want to do is push yourself to the absolute limit for about 15-20 seconds. Short bursts of 100 % all out effort to really spike your heart rate and then rest until you’re able to go again. And the resting period is not set in stone but varies depending on how fit you are. A really fit person will recover faster and might not even need a full minute of rest, and most people needs at least 1 to 2 minutes of rest but just try to get the heart rate down to under 130 bpm before you go at it again. Repeat this no more than 10 times and you’re done.

Working out with bursts of high intensity with short periods of rest has proved to the most effective way to burn fat compared to any other form of training, with one study reporting that a 4 min HIIT session burned 9 times more fat than 30-45 minutes on a treadmill.

The heart can’t provide enough oxygen fast enough to the muscles which triggers a chain reaction of molecular responses in most organs of the body and this is exactly what you’re looking for. And the effectiveness of the HIIT workout doesn’t stop until long after completion as it would with steady state cardio.

This is due to something called EPOC, or Excess, Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. It will actually kick your metabolism into overdrive which will allow you to keep burning fat throughout the day and that 20 minute exercise will turn into a 24 hour fat burning session. But the benefits doesn’t end there. HIIT workouts has been shown to increase production of human growth hormone up to 450% which is fantastic since hgh, as I mentioned before is one of major hormones responsible for burning fat as well as building muscle, longevity and anti-aging.

The best HIIT exercises are the ones who incorporates the whole body such as rowing machine, sprints, swimming, burpees and kettlebell swings. And even if you have a hard time working out, simply walking with higher intensity for a few seconds and then slowing down will have a much better effect than simply walking steady state style.

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  1. Fun fact: You can't get rid of fat in a specific area short of getting it surgically removed. You can burn fat by having a negative energy balance, but you can't tell the body WHERE to burn that fat. So the title of your video is wrong and misleading.

    If you're going to make videos about physiology, at least do your research. And no … research doesn't mean "google it for a couple hours".

  2. There's no such thing as targeting belly fat in exercises, your body removes fat symmetrically from your body and IT chooses where to remove the fat from, doesn't matter what exercise you're doing

  3. Brilliant. HIIT is the trend for 2018. Watched programme about all this other day. Not only will HIIT burn fat but it will lead to faster gains in fitness and strength than those which require long arduous work outs in the gym. Short but intense as opposed to long but slower gains.
    OMAD can really help though I for one have not achieved that. However so far this year in a month I have lost around 8lb which is good and all I did was cut back on the crap food and takeaways and go to the gym a little more. Want to make the gym my home this year. Fortunately I have a brand new gym to go to with great equipment. This year is going to be a positive year.

  4. Crazy to see how much your channel is grown man, you and I started at a similar time.

    Love the accent, keep up the great videos.

  5. Thanks Adam for sharing tips for losing belly fat. Definitely the hardest area to lose weight. I am working on those last few pounds so I am going to use this knowledge to help me out!


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