How to Explode Growth Hormone, Brain Function and Fat Burning – CHTV 51


Today we discuss the greatest health concept that I have ever applied to my life. Watch and learn about the many health benefits of high intensity burst training and intermittent fasting. Get leaner, explode growth hormones, brain function and fat burning with these unconventional diet and exercise habits. I share how to become more hormone sensitive, the key to looking and feeling younger, enhancing performance and brain function, and burning fat more efficiently. Also, find out what skinning is and how it helps me accomplish my health and wellness goals. – Read more about intermittent fasting and burst training. Listen to any past episodes of CHTV at:

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Dr. Pompa has voluntarily relinquished his chiropractic license in the state of Pennsylvania in order to more effectively pursue his dream of world health.


  1. Just a thought on the subject of HGH. After three days of fasting, hgh has the potential of increase by 300%, but what if someone combines fasting, HIIT, and maga dosing arginine (trials proved massive increase at 10g's) after three days plus?

  2. I've been doing 22/2 for the past year… And workout at night after work, eat my one big meal about 1h after my workout at night, watch a movie and sleep 😛 best thing ive discovered in my life… my energy levels are insane, i can put on weight, and lose it just as easy… the control i feel over my body is incredible.. its such a shame i discovered this at 29 years old and not sooner… My workouts are packed with energy, and super effective.. Lost a ton of weight (50kgs) and put on 10kgs of muscle.. I am for sure an advocate of intermittent fasting!

  3. Some ways to boost your hormones are to choose a winning sports team and watch them a lot – hormones go up when your team wins. Improve your body posture. Increase muscle mass. Clean your house and room -> psychologically sound = healthier hormones.
    But those "intense" work outs people talk about lead to injury, eventually…I keep to slow and strong work outs…I've been steadily working out for over 20 years.

    Everyone is different. I drink Amino Acids during my long workouts. If I don't take those amino acids, my muscles will feel sore the next day…I've discovered how important these amino acids are when I run out of them and try to work out without them – soreness almost always results, then I get sluggish. I've found I can take creatine as an alternative to those amino acids to stop the soreness. If I don't have a decent amount of protein after a hard workout, I'll stay sore for longer – up to several days. Meat protein seems to work the best for my recoveries.

    I've never felt good eating breakfast early. I feel nauseous if I eat food early in the morning. I can eat maybe 100-200 calories at most in the early morning after I wake up.

    The 2 things that make Americans get so super fat are potato chips and ice cream. Take those out of your diet.

    Want to look young? Get good sleep and take Omega 3…I take flaxseed oil.

  4. Thanks for The video.

    I have a question regarding fasting.
    I go to Work 5 am every Day, except on weekends. Work is hard all Day with not much Time to rest. I am Home 8 to 10 Hours later.
    any advice for me How to implement IF to my way of living ?

    kind regard Martin Bech

    ps i Work out heavy 3 times per week

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