Joe Rogan – The Science Of Fat & Weight Loss


Joe Rogan talks to doctor Peter Attia about the science and psychology of fat and weight loss. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, JRE #1108. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan – The Science Of Fat & Weight Loss


  1. The science of fat and weight loss… eat chicken 7 times a day plain veggies, spend one thousand dollars a month on groceries, be rich.

  2. Jan 1st I weighed 243
    May 1st I weigh 193 intermittent fasting. Any one can do it. I'm disabled and if I could be more active I know I would have lost more.

  3. Weight loss is pretty basic. Cut out 90-95% sugar and shitty carbs they go hand in hand. And if you're really overweight or just wanna lose fat then IM fast 16:8. Eat tons of salad have an avocado daily. And easy with fruit still has lots of sugar but has some fiber.

  4. This is Stupid lol

    Where the poor countries have people over 300 kg? Lol stfp.

    Amercians are diffetent? How come are they different most of them are anyways immigrants from Europe and other continents.

    Do you think Europeans about 500 year ago had that many fat people? Lol give me a fk break.

  5. Stay away from processed foods, eat as uve eaten before, work out and u will lose weight! Processed foods is the worst thing ppl can eat!

  6. If it’s genetic then why has obesity gone through the roof in 40 years? Our genes really changed that much in a few decades? Really Doc?

  7. Fast, dry fast, water fast, best healing and fat burning routine out there. Have the snake diet master on.

  8. Whay is this guy giving advice. If he knew everything or just a little. He'd be in better shape with more muscle. Tf

  9. I think it’s pretty simple there’s no cutting corners or anything drink water low to no carb diet until you like your results it’s sucks and it’s hard but it’s a necessary evil

  10. One meal a day it's not for normal common people competitive folks can do this for competing other than that it's amusing to learn about but useless info

  11. Obese people are uninformed regarding health and nutrition, and thus they eat and drink unhealthy things too much, and have unhealthy lifestyles. They aren't able to rationally and logically analyze their own body and food habits. They are unable to "listen" to their own bodies. They have essentially broken their bodies through the contaminated and poisonous food system. It is not natural for certain people to just balloon to obesity out of nowhere if they have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sure, some people are bigger, but no human body naturally balloons to obesity. No human needs to have knowledge of the biological logistics of fat cells in order to lose fat or be healthy.


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