Ketosis Fat Loss – Insulin, Ghrelin, Leptin, Cortisol


From Our Facebook August Keto Challenge:

Ketosis Fat Loss – Insulin, Ghrelin, Leptin, Cortisol
So…once we lose the initial weight…how do we lose the last few stubborn pounds? It’s all about hormones, and here’s 4 of the many keto helps regulate and optimize.

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  1. OK so how do you go into ketosis without the catabolic effects of the cortisol? Insulin blocks your body from going ketogenic I saw in someone else's video. If your ghrelin is high you are hungry and if your insulin is still high then you are still using glucose as fuel which you body will source by breaking down protein stored in muscle after your glycogen stores run out. A study done back in the sixties showed that while in a complete ketogenic state a lethal dose of insulin had no effect due to the body using ketones for fuel instead of glucose. Much of this discussed in Joe Rogan Experience #994 with Dom D'Agostino.

  2. great explanation. I'm currently approx 10-12% bf and have been on a keto diet for a little over a month. is it necessary to do refeed days or should i just stay in ketosis to get into single digits?

  3. don't try to explain things wich are too complicated to do. Insulin is NOT 'the storage hormone'. It's just controlls the energy flux in the blood (blood sugar and lipids)


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