Leptin: Fat Loss for Smart People!


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Leptin: Fat Loss for Smart People!

Sean discusses fat loss, leptin, and insulin, and why the calories-in, calories-out method is not successful for fat loss. Your fat stores are actually an active endocrine gland. They make inflammatory chemicals and hormones and one of the hormones is leptin. Your fat stores are always in communication with your brain, your hypothalamus.

When leptin asks your brain if your fat stores are sufficient, and they are, the result is good, healthy metabolism. During times of famine, your body lives off the fat stores. The leptin stores are low and your metabolism slows down so you don’t burn up all the fat stores.

With leptin resistance, your brain is not receiving the communication from leptin and thinks fat stores are low, metabolism slows down, and you’re hungry. With the calories-in calories-out approach, we are putting ourselves into a voluntary famine. Causes of leptin resistance are caloric restrictions, insulin issues and blood sugar surges, stress, overeating, increased triglycerides, excess fructose, and wheat.

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  1. Why do people not understand that low calorie diets dont work. And how did the low calorie diet get so popular?
    I found that eating small amounts more times a day (5 to 6) instead of 2 or 3 helped me.
    I eat spinach, brocolli, and carrots most days as snacks. I actually consume more calories now than when i was eating 2 to 3 times a day. i havent changed my workout routine at all just my diet. i did see any results for well over a month, but then all the sudden i started to see massive changes. i think my poor diet has altered my leptin and insulin product/use and it took a month to regulate it back to where it needed to be.
    The only problem with this is most people after sticking to a diet for a month and seeing no change just give up.

  2. Very good video.
    I find it funny he thinks our bodies became this way on their own through our "cavemen ancestors" though. That's silly.
    We were designed this way. Excellent video to have a better understanding of what our bodies are capable of though, and how to keep the levels where they should be.

  3. I started studying leptin and ghrelin after trying smaller portions in my diet. I couldn't understand how I could be so full on so few calories. My whole life I associated my stomach stretching as my full signal. I thought if I was in pain then I was full. Now I better understand the hormonal involvement in my appetite and how I can take advantage of that through smaller portions.

  4. But even if trying loose weight in a healthy way and not starving the body,then does not the leptin level still decreases,tus the body will always try to gain the weight back up?loosing weight=less leptin=starvation mode for the brain=trying to eat more,so how is it even possible to loose weight and the body wont try to gain it all back up even if the weight lose is slow?thanks

  5. Great we need interesting videos yes most people in the Western world due to bad habits are leptin resistant, complex biochemistry needs to be relevant and easy at first to understand , but it is very complex , to allow the person to choose from some or every food combination in line with deeper need ie like a pregnant woman we will be guided towards food ( As medicine) to that which we need to rectify the problem but we are bombarded by ads and supermarket psychology for nutrient deficient processed food + alcohol + all those other factors…, oh and fruit bats designed to live on bananas and other high fructose fruit have a totally different metabolism than humans … der…., in modertae amounts ok but …So listen to your body-mind ….intuit and more research ..


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