Master Your Hormones + Weight… by Eating “High-Fat”.


Become a fat burning machine:

Hormones, weight loss and how it relates to high-fat living. For women that are depressed and chunky, dry and cranky, or straight-up frustrated that their body is “working against them”

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Favorite stevia:
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L-glutamine for sugar addiction:
Hemp hearts:
Chaste tree for estrogen balance:
Meridian Labs for hormone testing:

Regulate weight + hormones:
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Complete fat burning:



Please note, I am not a nutritionist within the meaning of the Health Professions Act of Alberta.

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  1. What is AKLIUMNEW ??? Powder for sugar cravings andcalming. I couldn't hear the correct name. Please spell it for methank-you

  2. I have had a regular period most of my life but since doing a keto diet 14 days. I have been spotting and got my period again 10 days after my normal period. Any ideas why?

  3. That is the issue with our medical system it is illness based not health based. Nothing against regular medical doctors because if there is something that needs immediate attention like an illness but I want a team of health professionals that help keep me healthy so i might not get sick. Health based medicine vs illness based medicine we have the power to chose.

  4. I heard you mention about vitamins a, d, e and k and probiotics. do you have a video where you talk about supplements/probiotics or what doses/brands would you recommend?

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. It was so informative and kept my attention the whole way through.
    I have so many health issues that I am battling with and you have given me a spring board to new ideas for me to research!

  6. Great Video! A note: Xylitol is poison to pets! Nobody mentions it in health circles but for animal lovers like me ( 4 cats and a dog) if you have toothpaste with it, gum or food… keep it away from them, its a horrible slow painful death of convulsions, and severe pain before they go, by the time you realize they need help, it may be too late.

  7. Hi, I just found the channel and thought the content is great. I'm huge fan of anti-aging, nutrition. That makes our brain work so much better. I'm assuming you are more like this as well and you seem extremely well read about optimizing overall body functions. I also find that if you recorded these videos outdoors in a nice place of your own taste it'd look a lot more like interesting, healthy and fitness lifestyle. Something like a park, or like Yosemite in CA I dont know hahaha I hope you keep doing it anyways. It's great.

  8. I couldn't listen past the idea of the water in carbs being a negative aspect of carbs. Holy fucks. Living in a chronically dehydrated culture and you're suggesting that the extra water in carbs is a bad thing? This is suggesting that, due to water retention in the body we should limit our water intake. It's just so far off from anything close to basic body function knowledge! Why is water retained in the body? If water is being retained in your body does this mean that the daily demands of water are any less then if you didn't have water retention? If you don't know the answers to these two questions, you should do some research before deciding that what these girls are saying is making any sense.
    When deciding what diet is best for you, look at what diets have worked for thousands of years for billions of people, while staying away from fad diets that are being practiced by a hand full of people for only a few years.


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