Not Losing Fat? How to Reset your #1 Fat Loss Hormone Naturally to Lose Fat


Not losing fat? Reset your Leptin! – Click here to get your FREE 3 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint you can use to legitimately “target” stubborn FAT and make it your body’s primary, fat-burning energy source whenever you want.

In this Video, Shaun talks to you about the ONE hormone that can either make or break your weight loss journey…

In fact, if you don’t learn to control this hormone, you might as well forget about losing fat at all…

The master hormone that beats all others is called Leptin. Also known as your main “Fat Burning Hormone”. It more or less controls EVERY other weight loss hormone in your body… and your ability to burn fat.

You could be fighting a losing battle with leptin each and every time you attempt to lose weight…and you don’t even know it.

It isn’t for lack of trying, you don’t have bad genes, and there is nothing wrong with you. You just need to “fix” your leptin levels.

If you’ve failed at diets or weight loss in the past, it’s probably because you failed to control your Leptin levels. And knowing exactly HOW can finally help you burn fat anytime you need to.


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  2. This is exactly the opposite of the ket diet, which is also supposed to increase leptin. So much conflicting information. Would love some feedback from anyone who has tried either. I tried doing a high carb low fat diet for 6 months and I piled the weight on (gained 14lbs), so went back to my usual high fat, low carb diet and I lost half of what i gained. That said, my sister is the opposite and takes a high carb low fat diet and she has lost a ton of weight but all she eats is pasta and rice, she doesn't look healthy imo, I don't think she gets a lot of nutrition.

  3. Thank you, Shaun. I love your videos. One question: Due to hormonal changes, the only exercise I can do right now is yoga, Pilates and walking. Would I carb up/carb down or just stick to a high protein, low carb diet (under 100 grams of carbs a day)?

  4. if you want to lose bellyfat eat greens or drink braggs liquid animinos leptin is just for normal areas arginine is required to get rid of belly fat

  5. I have 2 questions:

    1) Wouldn't it be better to keep HIIT sessions on the same day as resistive training? Because the High intensity interval training is consisted in aerobic and anaerobic components, so doing it after a "leg day" for example could be detrimental to the needed rest. It could be done after the weight training.

    2) Even though the propposed above, my agenda is:
    MON, WED, FRI = Weight training
    TUE, THU, SAT = Aerobic/HIIT (On thursdays i only do a "jogging" session because of the "legs day" on wednesday)
    SUNDAY = Cheat/Rest day.

    My question is about alcohol consumption on Saturday, because it's the weekend and I don't like to drink on the days i lift. Is it ok to keep things like that?

  6. Total BS. Your high carb day will generate insulin which is a fat storing powerhouse. This plan will cause depleted magnesium in body tissue. Any weight your gonna lose is gonna come right back the minute you quit exercising.

  7. How much carbs do I have to eat to cause a fat spillover? I do exercise 4-5 times a week and play volleyball at a decent intensity 4 times a week. I generally find myself needing to eat at least 3000 calories to not be hungry. I was wondering though will a single meal of say 600 carb calories cause a fat spillover or will it take a week of eating about 5000 carb calories and no exercising?

  8. Thanks for your Videos and Information You have share I just buy Your Program and I know even before starting it I will get the Results I want 🙂

  9. Great video I cycle my carbs evey 2 days 50g for 2 days then 200 1 day and 500 the next then back to 50g combined with intermittent fasting seems to be working for me

  10. So logical! I am a woman always struggled with weight, am a dancer and do cardio classes at the gym, eat quite healthily with good protein diet (by no means a saint) and am what I think of as fat. Am going to try this approach to my diet and exercise and have requested the 3-day plan. Wish me luck


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