Nutrition Advice : What Foods Release Fat-Burning Hormones?


Fat-burning hormones, or glucagon, is released when the body eats pure protein, so exercising regularly and eating protein helps the body turn fat into energy. Develop a fat-burning diet and routine with advice from a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist in this free video on diets.


  1. Hello Friends We are really health Conscious.. Please take care of your Health and always try to have Food cooked at Home… Make your Food really Healthy and in safe way just taking care of your health as well as your life…

    Because this Life is only Once… This is not for Twice… So, just take care..

  2. When your blood sugar gets low it is the glucagon release that keeps it stable, 5 minutes on wiki and you'd know 10 times the amount that she does

  3. @jublitz lol yea I know the hormone from our pancreas is glucagon, but I typed in glycogen to get to this vid so, not sure what the connection is exactly between the two. do you know? thnx 🙂


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