T3: Bodybuilding Fat Burner- Thyroid Hormone: my experience and side effects


T3 fat loss and cycle discussion with emphasis my my experience and side effects. T3 is thyroid hormone that relates to fat loss and metabolism. People use T3 with Clen and Tren for cutting for example, or to keep metabolism high during extreme dieting. For informational purposes only. This is not advice and I am not a medical doctor, I am a doctor of Jurisprudence.


  1. cardarine is by far the best you can take for fat loss and even compete's with tren at a higher dosage around 20mg if you can deal with night sweat's and losing fat everyday because it's half life is 23 hour's.

  2. I've been studying hypothyroidism and discovered an awesome resource at Quintrell Thyroid Plan (google it if you're interested)

  3. I have heard Dr Ray Peat that taking calcium, salt and sucrose or fructose stimulate T3. what do you think of it? I personally had some positive progress in my T3.

  4. what if I take T3 because I
    got naturally hypothyroidism? would I be inclined to burn fat if my total t3 is in check?
    Besides having hypothyroidism I don't gain weight, wierdly I got a very fast metabolism. My tdee is 2500 and when eating 3000 calories I slightly gain weight (I'm 19 yo, 6ft, 154 lbs)


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