Headaches and migraines may not be dangerous, but they disrupt your day and make it pretty unpleasant. Work can suffer from your reduced productivity, as trying to concentrate while feeling a constant, dull pain is not easy to put aside.

Here is a list of 10 superfoods than can help cure that headache of yours:


1 – Quinoa

Quinoa full of vitamins and minerals that help counter the effects of a headache. The magnesium and riboflavin in the quinoa is known to relieve migraines and your sleeping pattern should also benefit from consuming this good stuff!


2 – Ginger 

Use of this root has been prevalent in Chinese and Indian medicines for over 1000 years thanks to its many health benefits. Uptake of ginger for these uses in the western world has also increase because of this. It is known to be an anti-inflammatory and its use can help clear headaches naturally.


3 – Potatoes

Potato skin is rich in potassium, which a lack of is known to make you more prone to headaches. If you find you suffer from headaches often, try eating potatoes with the skin on. Headaches can be exacerbated by dehydration and potatoes can help restore your body’s electrolyte balance. Potatoes are the perfect solution to a hangover!


4 – Bananas

 Rich in magnesium, eating bananas relaxes your blood vessel, therefore easing your headache or migraine. Just like potatoes, bananas are also rich in potassium, restoring your electrolytes. If you find yourself suffering from effects of drinking too much alcohol, try eating some bananas to aid your recovery.


5 – Yogurt

Lack of calcium can make you more susceptible to headaches, and yogurts are very rich in calcium. It is advisable to choose low fat yogurts over those filled with unhealthy amounts of sugar.


6 – Whole grain bread

 Unlike white bread, whole grain bread is made of unprocessed gains. These whole grains release carbohydrates slowly, keeping your appetite at bay. A low carbohydrate diet reduces energy to the brain, and this causes dehydration, a common cause of headaches. Eating whole grain bread can counter this.


7 – Cantaloupe 

If you suffer from headaches, you should really familiarise yourself with cantaloupe. A mildly sweet fruit rich in water, potassium and sodium, cantaloupes are a great aid for rehydrating the body, helping cure headaches. Consuming just 200 grams of cantaloupe will exceed your daily vitamin C requirement.


8 – Almonds 

A quick and easy snack, almonds are also great to have when you are suffering from headaches or migraines. With high magnesium content, almonds help relax your blood vessels and loosen tense muscles.  Eating almonds increases the body’s serotonin production, giving us a ‘happy’ feeling, and beneficial to treating headaches.


9 – Spinach 

This leafy green vegetable is packed full of nutrients. A great addition to any salad, spinach can help decrease blood pressure, which may also help to provide headache relief.


10 – Coffee

 Ever heard of the saying “everything in moderation”? Well this is especially true for coffee. While drinking too much coffee can cause headaches — thanks to its dehydrating effects, the antioxidants found in coffee are known to alleviate headaches caused by allergies.


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