5 Best Meals For Fat Loss and Health : Mouth Watering Healthy Recipes


Download 5 Free Recipes Here : http://6weeksixpack.com/5free
Eat these 5 meals for fat loss and optimized health.

In this video I show you 5 of the fat loss meals that I eat 90% of the time and that I discovered during my own body transformation.

The best part is that they are as tasty as they are health and once you learned how to make them you won’t want to eat take way foods ever again.

So if you have ever wondered what tasty healthy fat loss meals look like then check out this video.

Download 5 Free Recipes Here : http://6weeksixpack.com/5free

5 Best Meals To Eat For Fat Loss and Health : Full Recipes


  1. Even though i dont follow the videos that much, you are my favorite youtube trainer. You present very applicable and useful stuff for any level from starter to advanced. Nice Job Peter

  2. Peter! … thank you for all your wonderful videos! You are the best coach ever! I lost 18 kg thanks to your advices .. and it was so much fun. I never gained a single kg since. You give a lot of strenght to me and your sincerity , your passion is precious. One really can ferl that you give away all your secrets to help others to finally understand how simple! it is to get and maintain a good healthy body and mind. Thank you very much Peter! Elizabeth

  3. It would be great if you subtitled your videos to Spanish, they are very good, 500 million Spanish speakers would appreciate it indeed. Cheers!

  4. Great recipes. Immidiately ordered the book ofcourse. I only have one request: can you provide a list that explains all the abbreviations? Also, when you speak of degrees, which one do you mean? Thanks in advance.

  5. howzit boet..i like ur ideas and i sent my details for those free recipes..i currently am at a very unhappy weight and size..and want to change it around..how can you help.? and why is ur prices in dollars??

  6. use Vitamix to get all the fiber..I am Vegan, so I guess it limit your meals a little bit, I am getting great results with your workouts though, went thru the 7 day chalkenge, will begin to do the ultimate modified burped for fat loss..thanks for the help


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