To lose weight you need to have a balanced diet which consists a lot of nutrition as in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and good complex carbs from a lot of sources. We have seen that a lot of people depend upon a single source of nutrition which is not at all good for health. You need to widen your food choices. Today’s recipe i.e; Homemade Granola is fiber-rich, has a lot of vitamins & minerals and good fat from a wide array of ingredients like nuts, seeds, and grains. This recipe has a lot of Beca-glucan fiber and complex carbohydrates which ensures this digests slowly in your stomach, energy is slowly released into your blood keeping you full and energetic for a longer period of time, ensuring you to lose weight fast by avoiding unhealthy food habits.

This recipe has made me lose weight about 10 kgs over a span of just 2 months! Let me know if you’d like to watch more weight loss recipes.. 🙂

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How to make Granola –
Ingredients –
Rolled Oats – 600 gm
Chirongi – 50 gm
Nuts – 150 gm (Cashew, Almond and Pistachio)
Seeds – 100 gm (flax, melon and pumpkin)
Sugar – 30 gm
Honey – 3 tbsp
Water – 1 cup
Butter – 25 gm

Serving Suggestion : Yoghurt and Fruits

Disclaimer: This video is not Sponsored.All the views are my personal opinion and propriety. I do not endorse any ingredient. Kindly consult a doctor before bringing any change in your lifestyle.

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  1. u r really understandable of people who do not have all the high end equipment and u tell the alternatives for them thank a tonne and u look chirpy and lovely God bless u dear

  2. Do we eat only oats for breakfast lunch and dinner.pls notify.Also I'm a heart patient can I include butter in my diet

  3. i make steel cut oats…they are the less processed of all oats. i put 1 cup steel cut oats in my pressure cooker with 1 1/2 c. water and 1/2 cup almond milk, along with a t. of pure vanilla or scraped vanilla beans. I also add 1 T. chai seeds and 1T flax meal . i also add a dry fruit like cranberries cherries or raisins sometimes just to change it up. i put it in my instant pot for 10 minutes and quick release. when it's done i add cinnamon or cloves or even nutmeg. it makes enough for my hubb'ys full week which I keep in a container in the icebox. every morning i take it out microwave for 1 minute then add nuts & real butter to it. my hubby loves it. it keeps him going all day until we have a late lunch or early dinner…oh and i always put aloe vera juice in his juice in the morning. he says it makes him feel good and energetic all day…hope this helps…

  4. Can this be eaten with milk? If so would it require any further cooking? Pls advice..As I do not eat yoghurt.


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