Egg Bellpepper Ring: Fat Loss Recipe | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann


We bring to you a quick and very easy fat loss recipe Egg Bellpepper Ring. Try it and let us know how was it.

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  1. How come people even like this recipe!! Is this even a recipe??oh my God!! Where are you going guru Mann. I'm not a hater but this is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Sir, you said it is high in protein and high in fat, how can it lead to fat loss. How is it a fat loss meal if it is high in calories and fat. Please someone reply

  3. guru man
    I do excercise for weight loss so left food and I'm taking diet as a brokli,oats, apple, papaya, spneach.
    so I want to know I have to take before going gym ..plz tell me

  4. Indian ayuerveda says that not to eat egg is it true it is harm ful some videos also on YouTube please check it and clear it


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