How to Lose Weight at Home 5kg in 7 Days with Dalia | Barley Dalia khichdi Recipe for Weight Loss


How to Lose Weight Fast 5kg in 7 Days with Dalia | Barley Dalia khichdi Recipe for Weight Loss | #FattoFab

Barley, an important member of the grass family, is a wonderfully versatile cereal grain. It is one of the first cultivated grains and is now grown widely. The amazing health benefits of barley make it a staple of Tibetan cuisine and were eaten by peasants in Medieval Europe. Barley is used as animal fodder and as an important component of various health foods. It is used in stews and soups and barley bread in many cultures. This cereal grain can be used for weight loss with vegan diet because of its high nutrient content. Barley grains are most commonly made from malt in an ancient and traditional method of preparation.

The fiber rich cereal grain barley is a healthful addition to a healthy diet. Barley’s nutritional value is immense. This centuries-old grain contains important vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is slim on fat, and, like other plant products, cholesterol-free.

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  1. Plss plsss reply karna suman…kya is daliya lo brkfst mei lei to lunch mei kya le? Aur brkfst mei sabzi multigarain roti le to lunch mei ye daliya bh khaa saktey hain kya ?? Agr daliya dirt strt karde to 7 days multigrain roti besan cheela sab quit karde kya ?

  2. hi suman do din ke liye dalia bana ke rak sakte hai aur whole barley use kar sakte hai mujse london me barley Dalia nai mil raha whole barley mila hai pls tell me


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