How To Lose Weight Fast With Oats | Quick Weight Loss With Oats | Oats Meal Plan | 7 Kgs in 7 Days


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  1. hey mam…. thanks a lot i followed it n it's my 7th day today…… n i have lose weight vry much nt 7 kgs Bt i have lot almost 5kgs….. thank u so much….. m gng to continue it…..

  2. How much nuts we can have in evening as they are high in calories ??Or in veggie can we eat paneer bhurji if yes then how much oil can we use for making it ???

  3. Easy weight loss

    Drink water all day, then eat a nice heavy sald from :5:00 –6:00 daily.

    Pray daily and read Buble for spiritual growth.

    After the third day, your body will get use to tge fast. In about a month you should have dropped significant amount of weight.

    Ideal blood sugar should remain between 60 – 120.

    Information free.
    I lost 22 lbs s in 1 month.

  4. Helpful information but its not keto diet that we can loose 1 kg in one day even on kwto diet also we cant and its not healthy too


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