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  1. Can you make videos on dishes and plates that are under 400 calories? also- can you do a video on how to accurately and easily weigh foods and assess caloric value? I can never seem to figure out the exact amount of calories I'm intaking

  2. I have to tell you, YOUR CHANNEL ais literally a GODSEND! I needed to find a site that has everyday foods ( cheap to inexpensive yes, there's a difference) made into low calorie,TASTEY meals. Both my Son and I are quite heavy and our health is bad. I wanted to find recipie s i can fix ahead, freeze and have handy. We both are diabled, me permanently and him, hopefully, with weight Loss he won't be! Your site gives me hope for BOTH of us! I've already rooted your born to my closest friends! Thanks from all of us! I subscribed so I DON'T lose your videos!

  3. This is an eye opener! I'm utilizing the plan [Go here ==>
    ] and have lost 36 lbs! My energy is thru the roof and I feel 7 1/2 years younger (working on 10)!! This is just awesome. Without wasting your time and money you can reach your goal. No harmful ingredients. No side effects. All natural. You will get your fat burn maintaining your body shape perfect.?

  4. Hello my name is Jason i'm 16 and i've been on a diet for about 1 month now (maybe a little less). Over a year ago in Mid-December of 2016 i was 205 pounds and decided to start to go to the gym. I didn't really go on a diet at the time i just cut out all the super bad food, like Fast food, sodas, and things like that. By the beginning of Summer i was down to 150 lbs. But over the summer even though i kept going to the gym i started eating bad again and a month ago i was 193 lbs. So i iv'e gone on a diet and a week and a half ago i was around 180 lbs. But in the last week i'm the same weight Can someone please help.

    MY DIET: Breakfast is a large bowl of plain oatmeal (no sugar added), a spoonful of chia seed and also 1 of Flax seed, and a scoop of Muscle Milk 100% whey Protien Powder, i go to school and get home by 3:30 where i havn't had a meal since breakfast, i have a big cup of coffee with some agave natural sugar/syrup thing? For snacks i have almonds/other nuts and occasionally i have some chex mix or tortilla chips or something (But only like a handful or two). Lunch and dinner are pretty much the same foods where ill have some wild rice with hemp seed added and either skinlees boneless chicken or salmon with it and also broccoli (alot of that). All of the meat is fried in a pan using avocado oil and no salt but some spices like minced onions and other powders. A few hours later i'll go and work out for 45-60 minutes. When i get home i have left over chicken that i had made that day. I have a ton of water throughout the day too.

    So thats my diet please if you know any improvments tell me. Also On top of that workout i do, in a few days starts volleyball and also my 2nd semester with physical conditioning starts soon


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