How To Burn Fat Faster | Easiest Way To Speed Up Fat Loss


Here’s something I wish I knew on how to burn fat faster and to speed up your fat loss. Enjoy the video!

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  1. This is great point. I was overweight a couple of years ago and lost 20kg just with diet alone. I thought I was really clever because I didn't need to do cardio while other people in the gym spent hours on the cardio machines making no progress at all.

    After a mass gaining phase I'm back cutting again. This time I'm keeping my calories a lot higher and using cardio the help with the deficit. Why? Because I want to me more active and fitter. I want to do cardio. I'll carry on doing more cardio when I next start gaining for the same reason.

    And of course, it's nice to have bigger meals as well.

  2. i spend most of my time in my room everyday as a student after classes and room is upstairs and i make sure i have no water in my room so i'll have to walk down everytime i need a sip of water and im quite anal when it comes to water intake so i'll have to walk down and up the stairs god knows how many times in a day just to get a way for me to maintain/increase my neat when im dieting.

  3. can i get fitter on a calories deficit while maintaining most of my strength. i want to get lean and im think if i supplement cardio into my training it would help both fitness and aesthetics. if i just ran 10 mins everyday at a decent pace then slowly increase it to maybe 30 mins max would that be bad for staying on point with my nutrition. and you got any tips on creating new habbits?

  4. i do volleyball and tennis once a week and manual labor job during week days and i hit the gym 3 times a week at least.
    I started my diet 6 months ago , Im asian so i eat alot of rice, I cut that in half , and substitute cabbage . my diet is composed of chicken meat, fish rarely pork , protein shakes , vegetables and fruits .
    i lost like 10 kgs of body weight in 3 months from 75 to 65 kgs and then it just stopped.
    Im a little frustrated because my target weight is 58 kgs .
    my body really improved but the last lower belly fat is really hard to slim it down.
    its now on my 6 months gym training and the weight stays at 65 .

  5. Matt Ogus got so damn shredded by just doing cardio everyday while not dropping calories drastically like most people do. The thing he made it enjoyable was he read every session or listened to audio books. I've done this and man time goes by fast when i get to a stopping point in books I read and boom weights just dropping off my damn feet.

  6. lol but to gain weight I try not to move the whole day though, apart from when I work out. Because it's already hard to hit the extra calories. Last day i walked 30km, at 70kg, thats aparently 2.1k calories burned out, so i ment to eat 5k cal that day to put on a little bit weight hell no lol that's too much food.


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