Scientific Exercise Principles to Tune Your Metabolic System – Fat Loss Masterclass

220 Join Jonathan Bailor and Abel James as they show you their favorite fat-burning exercises to get results in just minutes a week. Learn how you can unclog your metabolic system by increasing the quality of your exercise to change, remodel and upgrade your metabolism.


  1. Things I learned from this video
    1. Be safe
    2. Increase intensity
    I'm currently 260lbs 5'11 not very strong
    And I'm wondering what types of exercises I should do
    How much weight I should use ect.

  2. Chest, deadlifts, & squats are the core ones that you have to do.  And that's not something that many people can do easily.  It probably takes the 4-5 times per week visits to the gym to exercise different body parts and also to practice form & getting your form right.  You can't get good form if you work out once a week, at least I don't think so.


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