The Best Juice Recipe for Fat Loss and Ultimate Health – Get 6 Pack Abs Faster

166 In this video Peter Carvell shows you one of the best juice recipes for fat loss and ultimate health. He also shares one of his secret ingredients to make any boring , bland tasting juice into something you will want to drink each day!

So if you hate eating veggies or just want to be healthier, this juice will help you! It is also very good to help you lose fat and get ripped faster.


  1. There’s a plethora of Green Juice recipes out there. In the end there’s no perfect recipe just your personal preference and the desired effect.

  2. Hey, I watched your video on juicing and you gave me the final push to get a juicer. I wanted to start eating healthy foods, and I found that juicing helps. My teacher played an episode in class of this man who traveled to the U.S. and only drank juice, he did this for 60 days without any food just juice. He was tired of being lethargic and sick all the time so he started the fasting trip. So that inspired me to eat healthy, or at least try to eat healthy. So I went out to go buy a juicer, I bought the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer. I love it! it’s amazing and I love all the combinations of juices I can make, but my one gripe is that it’s very loud so I have to use it when my family is awake. Eventually when I get enough money, I will invest in a better juicer like yours. I would like to thank you for making that video, to give me some insight on how to get started with juicing.

  3. FYI, this is roughly what is comes out to according to :

    Nutrition Facts
    Total Juice Yield 11.96 oz
    Total Juice Calories 250
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 1.65g 1%
    Protein 6.9g 15%
    Total Carbohydrates 77.05g 25%
    Dietary Fiber 18.7g 74%
    Sugars 49.54g 199%
    Water 696.68g
    Vitamin C 78.66ug 132%
    Vitamin A 34299ug 5719%
    Vitamin E 2.95mg 8%
    Vitamin K 210ug 263%
    Thiamin 31.01mg 2071%
    Riboflavin 0.38mg 20%
    Niacin 3.14mg 16%
    Vitamin B6 0.64mg 33%
    Folate 260ug 67%
    Calcium 217mg 23%
    Iron 2.96mg 16%
    Magnesium 103mg 28%
    Phosphorus 189mg 19%
    Potassium 1823mg 53%
    Sodium 315mg 13%
    Zinc 1.26mg 7%

  4. Great video. Liked the info on adding the lemon at the end. Not only does it make it sweeter, but the lemon has been proven to increase the bio-availability of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in the juice by upwards of 50%. So adding lemon is very healthy. Thanks again.

  5. DonKey Fitness helped me lose almost 20 pounds with their tips, but I'm definitely gonna try this recipe and try juicing. 🙂

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  7. You are definitely not making your body alkaline by drinking smoothie made of carrots, celery . Its good to research before spreading bad info.


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