Weight Loss Dinner Recipes – How to Lose Weight Fast with Chicken | Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss


Weight Loss Dinner Recipes – How to Lose Weight Fast with Chicken | Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss | Lose 3 KGS in a week with Cabbage Chicken | Lose weight with Cabbage | #cabbage recipes #cabbage weightlossdiet #cabbageweightlossrecipes #loseweightwithchicken #weightlosschicken #easychickenrecipe #cabbagechicken

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Watch this video in Hindi- https://youtu.be/i5otzyjcxs8

Have this recipe once a day for Lunch OR Dinner with my Super Weight Loss Roti – Have 1-2 rotis for lunch OR 1 roti for dinner.
Do 15 minutes fast walk and eat healthy for the rest of the day.

Beetroot Chicken Recipe : https://youtu.be/kbIPeumKDT8
Super Weightless Roti Playlist


  1. Hey Vicky, today I started you egg diet (10 days plan). For dinner, you have advised to have oats. I feel nauseous have oats. I would like to know if I can substitute it with muesli or veg salad or this one. Could you please let me know if that would be effective? Thanks!

  2. Kindly answer
    3 eggs or other cereals in breakfast have 240 calaries while paratha with sugar tea has 200 calories..then y it makes us fat nd eggs or cereals help in weight loss
    If vicky is b z kindly any nutrition from veiwers answer plz
    Even pori have 60 calories…..explain plz…

  3. Hello vicky ji, many youtubers are saying u can increase height till 35 yrs. But i trust on you more than others. Can we increase height till 35 yrs of age by home remedies? Plz reply

  4. Hi gud mrng..i recently csme across your channels. I wanna loose around 15-20 kgs. I m a mother of 2 year old kid. Recently quit breast feeding last month. My weight is 90 kgs n hieght is 5:6. Can u plz confirm if I follow ur 900 calorie diet plan plus himalyan pink salt drink vl it help me to reduce my weight. I followed many diets but nothing worked. M a thyroid patient. or if u cn plz advice sum other diet. I wanna reduce around 12 kgs by august 10. Plz help me. M allergic to eggs. Himalyan pink salt ki jagah sendha namak use jar sakte h ? Waiting for your revert. Thnk u.

  5. hlo mam pls rply…
    tomorrow onwards im going to try tgat drink for burning belly fat in ur uploads(cucumber,mint,lemon..)..do i drink it early morning in empty stomach or before going to bed…which is more effective..pls rply vicky mam


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