Diet — To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight

Many diets are fads that die out as quickly as they became popular. We will look into the top ten diets that, according to science, actually work.


1 – Paleo Diet

 This diet consists of food that can be hunted, fished or gathered, and is the reason why it’s also known as the caveman diet. Anything refined and processed is off limits. The reduction in consumption of high-calorie foods will reduce your calorie intake, and therefore help you lose weight.


2 – Weightwatchers diet

 This diet is based on a SmartPoints system that values foods and drinks depending on their protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre content. This pretty much makes it a calorie-controlled diet where you have an allowance and it’s up to you how you would like to use it. You are given an unlimited allowance for fruit and vegetables.

Extra motivation is given through weekly meet-ups and private weigh-ins. This is a well balanced diet and could provide a good long-term foundation for dietary habit changes.


3 – Slim-Fast diet 

This diet is targeted at those with a BMI score of 25 and over. It is a low-calorie meal replacement plan and how long you stay on this plan depends on you and your weight loss goal. This plan diet is a useful way of starting your weight loss regime.


4 – Mediterranean diet

 It’s no wonder that people from the Mediterranean region have one of the longest lifespans in the world, let alone the western world. Between 25 – 35 percent of the diet is comprised of fat derived from olive oil and nuts. This diet is great for those who love to cook and consists of food native to the Mediterranean region such as; fresh fruit, vegetables and limited amounts of meat.


5 – South Beach diet

This diet focuses on consuming unrefined carbs such as brown rice and whole-wheat products in order to control insulin levels. Initially developed for heart patients in the US, this diet has no calorie counting or portion limits, which makes it easier to adhere to. Healthy eating is a must and it really shows.


6 – Dukan diet

A high protein, low carb diet, the Dukan diet helps with rapid weight loss by seriously restricting fat and carbs. This is not so much a nutritiously balanced diet and therefore requires a small amount of oat bran to be consumed, to compensate for a lack of carbs. If you would like to lose weight quickly then maintain it when you reach a certain level, this could be the right diet to begin with.


7 – Alkaline diet

 It is recommended you chose the balanced version of this diet, which doesn’t remove a whole food group in dairy products. This diet is based on the theory that the body turns excess acid into fat and so a reduction in acid-producing foods is a must.

This diet was initially developed to prevent kidney stones and UTIs and has now been modified to assist with weight loss.


8 – Slimming World diet

 In this diet, the weight loss plan swaps high-fat foods for low fat foods that are filling. Low-fat foods include fruit, vegetables, pastas and lean meats. Nothing is banned so it offers balance, albeit with not much flexibility. An exercise is followed to complement this diet and the group meetings encourage members to share their experiences and recipes.


9 – Atkins diet

According to scientists at Aberdeen’s Rowett Research Institute, the most effective weight loss diet is the Atkins diet. This high-protein, low carb diet puts the body into a state of ketosis— the body burns stored fats for energy— reducing appetite and therefore food consumption, leading to weight loss.


10 – DASH diet

While the purpose of this diet is not weight loss, this definitely helps thanks to its contribution to healthy eating. DASH, which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, relies on lowering your sodium intake and consuming vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This is neither and exciting diet nor a fad, but it serves its purpose effectively.


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