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Wholesale House Flipping Equation
No Money + 1 wholesale house = Lots of $$$$$

The wholesale house flipping equation above may not make sense to you right now. But bare with me as you keep reading through, I’ll layout how this equation is not only possible but easily duplicatable once you understand the type of situations you should be looking out for.

It was a normal day of doing the real estate hustle and shuffle, searching for leads, evaluating potential deals, you know normal real estate super hero type stuff, and then we received a call from one of our fellow justice league team members Darryl. He went on to inform us that he bumped into a potential new Justice League member while out having coffee early that day.

The NEW Justice League Real Estate Super Hero Member
It was a pretty exciting deal, this new potential recruit, as they would be the first of their kind recruited on our team. The likes of our team had already consist of wholesale investors, buy and hold investors, fix and flip investor, creative investors, real estate closing attorneys, property management, printing/ mailing companies, assistants and more. But as a “probate attorney”, this new member would bring a new element of real estate hero sophistication to our team.

In order for us to grow our team with new experts, we had to show and prove that we were a team on our A-game ready to defeat any obstacle. We literally formulated and printed out a full meeting presentation and proposal, practiced roles and potential scenarios like a football team, and went in with strong positive energies and a can’t be beat attitude.

It didn’t matter that we never meet with a probate attorney before, or that we were the youngest contenders, it didn’t matter that it eventually required multiple meetings of proving our worth, it was all worth it when we were called by our new team member to our first superhero wholesale house flipping assignment with them.

Why This House Needed a Real Estate Flipping Super Hero
Imagine that your father, whom you were close with, just passed away. You just used all the strength and money you had left to give him a proper burial and memorial, followed by the months long journey of all the probate court paperwork and requirements.

Now that’s out of the way, but then it hits you like a ton of bricks that the home that your father purchased about 5 years ago is now fully your responsibility to keep up with mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance. Something that was supposed to be an asset, has quickly turned into an extra liability in your life. We’re not talking about a small liability either. Let’s do some hypothetical numbers:

Home Expenses:
Mortgage: $600/month
Insurance: $85/ month
Taxes: $1400/ yr
Repairs and Updates Needed: $15,000- $25,000

We don’t need to add this up to see it’s not the most exciting gift in the world to be handed down, depending on where you currently are in your life. For the average person, especially if you already have a personal mortgage to juggle, will be in immediate need of some type of help!  Not later but now!

Watch the full details from our real estate flipping super hero team here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfrREzgfZm8

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  1. Did you process your first wholesale with money down or no money? How long have been doing wholesale? Do you provide mentoring or and split deals? Didn't mean to go over board with all the questions.


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