Flip Real Estate No Money Down – How To Buy Real Estate No Money Down


Flip Real Estate No Money Down http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com How to buy real estate no money down and flip houses. There are many strategies for flipping houses for profit. You can get into real estate investing even if you have no money down and bad credit. This training course shows you how to flip real estate with no money down. Get your free mentor and coaching session to learn how to buy real estate with no down payment.


Whenever you want to flip a house and a motivated seller calls you, think through a copy of these exit strategies and determine which will work best for you.

Real Estate Investing No Money Down is a great way to get started flipping houses. There are several exit strategies that you can use to flip real estate with no money. I cover several of these steps in my video course on how to flip houses and real estate with no money down by simply assigning or flipping your contract or doing a double closing.

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  1. you can use a one page assignment agreement or you can use a separate purchase and sales agreement and do a simultaneous close

  2. Good question. If your buyer is using convention funding, it wont work. That is why if you are going to do a quick flip, your buyer needs to have cash, HELOC, hard money or private funds to close. There may be a small handful of states that may not allow you to use the buyers funds (check your state), but there is a fix for that also. You can use transactional funding from a third party service who will fund the transaction for a small fee as long as it is closing the same day.

  3. I have a question I was told that investors can no long take the money you get from yoir buyer and use that to pay the amount the house cost to the seller. Like you can't buy a house and use the money you get from the next buyer to pay to the seller. Is this true and if so how can you buy a house with no money down until you get another buyer??

  4. I dont show your order in the que. If you havent got it already, you can go to FlippingHousesLive Dot c o m and click on Training Course. This course is a digital product that is available for instant access. Thanks


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